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European Deaf Chess Federation (EDCF)

2nd ICCD European Deaf Team Championship

2nd ICCD European Deaf Blitz Championship (Men, Women, Youth, Senior)

10th ICCD Open Deaf Chess Tournament (Men, Women, Youth, Senior)

Antalya, Turkey, November 4th – 11th 2023


Organizer: European Deaf Chess Federation (EDCF)
Host Organizer: Turkish Deaf Sport Federation and Turkish Youth and Sport Ministry .

OC Director: TBA,

Venue: Calimera Serra Palace hotel in Antalya.
Eligible Participants: Players from affiliated ICCD EDCF Member countries.

For new players, audiograms must be submitted.

A player must have 55+ decibels loss in the best ear.

Use of hearing aids/cochlear implants are prohibited.

Individual Blitz Format: Men, Women, Youth, Senior
Playing format: 3 minutes plus 2 seconds increment for each move (max. 11 rounds)
Team Format: Open up to 6 players (4 Players + up to 2 reserves)

Women (2 Players + up to 2 reserves)

Open Format: Men, Women, Youth / Seniors / Open: Unlimited number of participants of each country.
Tournament Format: Swiss System – 7 rounds
Playing format: 90 minutes plus 30-second increment for each move




4.11.2023      Arrival of players, Registration, Audiogram Tests

19:00 hrs: Technical Meeting and Drawing of Lots
5.11.2023     10:00 hrs: Opening Ceremony

11:00 hrs: Individual Blitz

19:.00 -21.00  hrs: Workshop of members EDCF

6.11.2023    09:30 hrs: Round 1,  15:30 hrs: Round 2

7.11.2023    15:00hrs: Round 3

8.11.2023     09:30 hrs: Round 4,  15:30 hrs: Round 5

9.11.2023     15:00 hrs: Round 6

10.11.2023    09:30 hrs: Round 7

18:30 hrs: Banquet & Closing Ceremony & Prize Giving

11.11.2023     Departure

Tie break Format: Please visit ICCD Technical Regulations
ICCD Entry fee: Team € 50 per person, Blitz € 30 per person, Open € 30 per person.
ICCD Registration fee: € 20 for each trainer and official
Ceremony: EDCF Titles awarded:

Individual Blitz: (Men and Women: Youth, Senior) medals & diplomas.

European Team Championships: Cup, medals & diplomas.

Open Chess Tournament (Men and Women: Youth, Senior): Medals & diplomas.

Banquet: To be announced at a later date
Accommodation: Calimera Serra Palace hotel in Antalya.
Entry Form: Preliminary deadline:           05.04.2023

Final registration deadline:   05.08.2023

Name registration deadline: 05.10.2023

EDCF Secretary (Alfredo Gomez Fernandez)

Host Organizing Committee:

For further information:

(Updated 19.01.2023 by EDCF; The programme may change due to either technical or unforeseen reasons)